AWMS for warehouse management

AWMS, acronym of Automha Warehouse Management System, is the warehouse management software suitable for all product sectors. It has the task of translating customer requests and generating warehouse missions with picking and storage logics optimized ad-hoc on the characteristics of the customer and the goods handled. A complete kernel of all the modules essential for warehouse management, from storage, picking, refilling, picking, profiling, FIFO / LIFO and more in constant connection with the company ERP.
  • AWMS is web-based
  • Can be used via browser
  • No software to install
  • Can be used from any PC
  • Able to interface with any ERP platform
  • Potentially expandable
  • Interface easy, fast and intuitive

Plus of AWMS

For warehouse management the AWMS platform is based on 4 software, each specific for each area related to automation:
  • AWMS: automatic warehouse manager, web interface for warehouse management
  • PCM: PLC communication manager, communication software with PLC
  • SQUL procedures: Microsoft Sql Software procedures for the management of warehouse logics
  • HMI Siemens: operator panels on switchboard
AWM is the tool through which the operators interface with the system, through a series of masks, to manage and perform the insertion, loading, refilling and picking typical of automated warehouses. AWM allows the control and monitoring of the plant status. The operator can set in the management of industrial handling thanks to specific screens protected by a login system, which guarantee a correct management of the system even in critical situations.

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