Technological transformation of automated warehouses

It consists of updates and tests that regard above all performance guarantees and safety according to new regulations of:
  • Electronic components and their availability.
  • Sensor systems.
  • Security barriers.
  • PLC Software.
  • Securities in force.
This all translates into concrete advantages for businesses. By definition, technological transformation means the updating and upgrading to the most recent technologies of now obsolete and out-of-production electronic equipment installed in systems, on which are difficult to conduct maintenance.

Revamping: refurbishing electronics and electronic parts

Several types of Revamping exist:
  • Electric Revamping: obsolete electric parts are substituted and/or integrated.
  • Electronic Revamping: all obsolete electronic components are substituted.
  • PLC Software Revamping: installing new software for the correct functioning of the bodies installed, specifically on a Siemens or Allen Bradley platform.
  • Revamping Software WMS: automated warehouse software upgrade respecting the functionalities and logic, introducing all updates, useful for perfecting system functioning.
  • CE marking: often happens in dated systems that are not marked CE or that require a marking update. In these cases, it is possible to intervene at all levels to pursue a new certification.

Retrofit: prolonging the warehouse’s life

It’s the mapping and substitution of mechanical parts, meaning the total restructuring of the plant that regards the mechanical, electronic, security and software aspects. This requires prolonged and invasive system stops impacting the plant’s availability.

When to renovate a warehouse

immagine revamping magazzino automatico
A right or wrong answer does not exist. The plant’s conditions, status and repetitive problems that are causing inconveniences and continuous disruption are always evaluated.
  • Reliability consolidated over the years.
  • Degradation mapping.
  • Structural characteristics tested on site.
  • Plant security according to current regulations in force.
Technological renovation is a complex and delicate operation because it intervenes on an active plant. Potential plant stoppage times must be considered, which need to be managed in a way that client’s activities are uninterrupted. To guarantee the operation’s full success, nothing can be improvised: it is necessary to define a detailed plan and management that assures specific execution times in planning the operation.

The advantages of Revamping

immagine rinnovamento magazzino automatico
The automated plant is the heart of a company, and after years since its installation, there are obsolete electric/electronic components, or those that are no longer available on the market. Therefore, it is necessary to reestablish the performance of the plant with new electronic fittings and have replacements on hand. The main advantages are: More reliable and easily repairable components: the substitution of automations allows for reliable and more technological new components that can be found in the market. Jump in efficiency quality: a technological modernization means the plant’s characteristics, like speed and acceleration, remain those as planned. The general efficiency of the machine cycle increases. More advanced software for new developments: many systems work with dated management software that have limited integration and connection capabilities with new business systems, starting from the ERP. Furthermore, new functions are needed for the changing needs of the client. More precise, economic, and faster diagnostics with new Software: the introduction of new-generation components allows the more efficient management of machine diagnostics. Our software modules enable plant monitoring and system KPIs in real time. Energy savings: sustainability and costs reduction go hand in hand. More security: with this operation, the machine is broguht to higher levels of automation safety foreseen by current standards thanks to the adoption of systems that comply with product regulations.
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