SRM automatic storage warehouse

SRM Stacker Cranes

The SRM warehouses allow automatic storage of load units of any size and weight. The machines are designed in different solutions to take advantage to the fullest of the available volume. The SRM warehouses can be installed both in industrial buildings and in self-supporting independent structures.

Automha stacker cranes run on rails equipped with an exclusive anti-vibration plate system, and receive energy for their movement from busbars positioned on the ground and double brushes on the machine.

SRM is not connected by cable to the earth panels, and is managed by precise control systems of the operational functions: this guarantees a high level of safety and precision.

The advantages of SRM Stacker Cranes

1_Cost saving: Automha’s stacker cranes machines are energy saving; during the cart deceleration and descent phases, the motors regenerate energy which is returned to the factory’s electrical power grid. This results in considerable economic savings.

2_Functional silence

3_Management of any load unit: pallets of any size, metal or plastic containers, trays, frames, rolls and reels, long materials, cars, finished products.

4_Adaptability to existing structures

5_Possibility of multi-depth storage with the use of the satellite on the machine

6_Suitable for all industrial sectors, especially for the textile sector

7_Performance unchanged from -30° to +55°

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