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Sistemi stoccaggio merci

Automha has always been at the forefront in finding the best internal logistics solution and in identifying the best investment for its clients.

The automha’s good storage systems are designed to provide specific solutions for each storage sector and respond to the variables related to the different type of goods handled, in relation to size, performance and methods of storage, withdrawal and operating conditions.


image high density goods storage systems

High density goods storage

High-density storage is a concept based on the idea of concentrating multiple charge units in as little space as possible. Automha’s goods storage systems are functional for this purpose, allowing the client to significantly reduce space and costs.

image automatic systems for pallet storage


Automha designs, manufactures and installs internal automatic transport solutions, capable of improving productivity and reducing operating and labour costs. These solutions can complete complex fully automatic storage systems or simply assist in the management of manual or semi- automatic warehouses.

The modules that make up AUTOMHA’s transport lines are determined by motorized roller, chain, belt or tape stations, and can integrate orthogonal transfers, transshipment shuttles, elevators or other specially designed machines.

They are solutions capable of working for any industrial sector, at any temperature and managing different load units.

The various sections that make up the transport systems can be integrated with fully automatic stations capable of:

  • Identify the identity of the load units by reading the bar code or TAG
  • Carry out the weighing
  • Automatically check the shape
  • Align the packages in transit

In relation to the flow requirements and the required productivity, AUTOMHA systems are able to:

  • Move the load units of the reception areas to the subsequent processes
  • Transport goods within the production processes
  • Direct the goods from the assembly processes to the packaging and shipping departments
  • Stock up goods in real time from the warehouse to the picking or production stations
  • Stock up goods at the filling stations (refilling)
  • Automatically coordinate shipping process orders
  • Keep full traceability of goods
  • Rightsize the areas used for material handling
miniload and peackmover image for automatic storage of goods

Miniload and Peakmover

Automha’s Miniload warehouses are automatic storage systems for containers or trays, used in all needs characterized by high flow of goods with heavy weights.

The warehouse is formed by:

  • a central corridor where a stacker crane runs
  • two racks located on both sides for the arrangement of boxes or trays
  • one or more areas on the sides, one or more automation areas, along which the stacker crane deposits the load extracted from the

The transporters bring the load unit close to the operator and, once the picking is complete, return it to the stacker crane for allocation in the rack, with maximum speed and with complete computerized management.

Peakmover is the latest technology entering the Automha’s warehouse solutions range.

With Peakmover, Automha specialized in the automatic handling and storage of cardboard and plastic boxes, conquering also the e-commerce market.

Peakmover perfectly integrates innovative systems, intelligent software and cutting-edge technologies, that guarantee an optimal performance with low maintenance costs.

PeakMover guarantees fast and organized handling within the automated warehouse, facilitating the receipt and shipment of goods, and is applicable to all sectors that need to store and manage boxes with a high flow in and out, and up to -30°C.

Peakmover is the valid ally of all the companies that aim to be truly competitive in the customer service.

image of automatic systems for internal handling of goods

Material Handling

Automha designs and creates, through the use of cutting-edge methods and instruments, the most suitable material handling and goods storage solution for every company. The company shares the objective of getting the right amount of the right material to the right place with the client, complying with the deadline, the sequences and the conditions required and minimizing the costs. Automha is a complete partner for material handling solutions and has a sophisticated range of handling systems.
goods storage systems automha


The revamping activity is configured as the modernization of old automatic warehouses and their update to the most recent technologies and safety regulations. To guarantee the warehouse’s efficiency, it is fundamental to carry out technological checks of electric and electronic parts periodically. This is why Automha designs ideal solutions to satisfy clients both in the case of transfer or expansion of plants, offering services of:
  • conversion of existing storage facilities
  • plant efficiency with the installation of hardware and software systems
  • configuration of new storage arrangements
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