Pallet Runner

Automha owns Autosat and Pallet Runner brands. Autosat is marketed under the name Pallet Runner in the North American market.

Based on Automha’s cutting edge technology, the Pallet Runner system allows greater pallet density, best in class throughput, unrivalled durability/reliability in a system designed for easy in-place maintenance.

Pallet Runner uses purpose-designed racking tailored to each client’s needs – number of pallet levels, number of bays and pallet lane depths – that can accommodate unusual facilityshapes or height requirements.

The system’s dual RF/WIFI communications protocols provides continuous communications to the Pallet Runner CartsWhatever the size, shape, height and operating environment temperatures of your facility – Pallet Runner will deliver superior productivity and the highest possible returns on your storage investment. And that’s true in all environments: Pallet Runner systems operate effectively in temperatures from -22 to +132 degrees F.

So, it’s no surprise that Pallet Runner installations are growing very quickly in the freezer market (more than 35% of our installations are in this sector).

The decision to install Pallet Runner can also allow users to maximize their square footage (total cube), in most cases using the same lift truck and other equipment already in use at their sites. It delivers many of the benefits of automation, without the investment or re-design required to move to fully automated solutions.

Unlike more conventional storage mediums, Pallet Runner can be designed for either F.I.F.O.or L.I.F.O. and Automha’s exclusive “Controlled Storage” feature also allows clients to change product flow from F.I.F.O to L.I.F.O and vice versa directly and instantly from the intuitive handheld controllerPallet Runner deep lane storage continues to provides our clients benefits over more conventional storage mediums – increasing utilization, in some cases by up to 50%!

It switches instantly between L.I.F.O. and F.I.F.O – and reduces costly product, structure and lift truck repairs at the same time. With Pallet Runner, pallets move without pitch, pallet “hang-ups” – with all the safety concerns they raise – are virtually eliminated.

The advantages of Pallet Runner

– Powered by a Single, 48V Lithium-ion battery, weighing less than 30 Lbs.
– 24/7 operational ability, each cart comes with 2 batteries
– Up to 10 hours run time between charges
– Battery replacement takes less than 30 seconds requiring no tools
– Pallet Runner is Drive-In without driving-in, PushBack without pushing back and Pallet Flow without gravity and unsafe pallet hang ups
– Interchangeable product movement
– Increased storage density
– Increased utilization
– Increased operator productivity
– Eliminates costly rack and product damage
– Adaptable for AGV or Crane automation in the future
– Seamless integration with Automha’s exclusive LOG Warehouse Management Software
– Capacity up to 4,400 Lbs.


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