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Automha’s PathMover is an omnidirectional AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) designed to increase the efficiency of automated warehouses and optimize logistics operations.
Its high-performance galvanized steel structure offers unparalleled robustness and reliability, ensuring optimal performance in any working environment. Thanks to omnidirectional wheels, PathMover performs precise and fluid movements, providing complete control over direction and movement. Mecanum wheels allow you to make lateral movements, orthogonal translations and rotations on itself, keeping the center of rotation fixed to manage narrow spaces and complicated paths.

The advantages of Pathmover

  1. Ready to use: a fully autonomous AGV, ready to be integrated into the work environment without the need for complex setups or additional configurations. In warehouses with standardized operations, you can configure predefined routes for goods handling tasks. In more complex and constantly changing environments, flexible scheduling allows you to adapt to new needs and optimize operations in real time.
  2. Safe for operators and warehouse activities: natural navigation is an element that allows the vehicle to perceive the surrounding environment in real time, detecting obstacles, people or other operating units. Protective laser scanners ensure safe operation, protecting the warehouse and workers from risks or possible injuries.
  3. Self-driving vehicle: moves autonomously within the warehouse, minimizing human intervention and maximizing operational efficiency. Thanks to this autonomous driving, greater productivity is achieved, reducing labor costs and ensuring a smoother and more consistent workflow.
  4. Configurable lithium battery: this allows you to adapt the energy supplied according to the specific requirements of the operating cycle. In addition, the battery offers different charging options, adapting to both the individual vehicle and the entire fleet, thus ensuring efficient energy use and extended operating range.
  5. Wi-Fi communication: you can manage and configure the vehicle remotely, responding in a targeted manner to the specific needs of the system. The Wi-Fi connection also allows communication between the ground systems and the vehicle or fleet.
  6. Quick battery change: The battery charging and replacement system is designed to ensure business continuity. The application for automatic battery change in the presence of 24-hour operating vehicles allows you to keep energy efficient and available, without interruption in the operating cycle.
  7. Flexible and efficient: it is the ideal solution to optimize warehouse efficiency and improve logistics operations. Its ability to handle loads of up to 1,500 kg at a maximum speed of 60 m/min with an acceleration of 1 m/s² makes it suitable for numerous applications.
  8. Fleet Manager: is an advanced system that provides centralized, real-time control over every aspect of vehicle operations. It enables real-time tracking and localization of each individual PathMover vehicle within the warehouse and allows you to plan and assign specific tasks to each vehicle.

PathMover stands out for its exceptional versatility, offering a wide range of solutions for handling goods. Thanks to the use of conveyors and chains, belt systems, roller systems and up/down systems for static bays, the vehicle adapts to different sizes and shapes of load, ensuring efficient and safe transport. The integration of these options allows greater operational flexibility, optimizing handling operations in warehouses and fulfillment centers.

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ISO 9001
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