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SpinMover is the revolutionary RGV (Rail Guided Vehicle) system developed by Automha, designed to optimize the efficiency and flexibility of warehouses and logistics systems. The innovative track articulation on rails and the rotation platforms allow dynamic, efficient and flexible movements within the operating environment. SpinMover represents the future of warehouse automation and offers a complete solution to optimize goods handling operations and improve warehouse efficiency.

The advantages of Spinmover

  1. Safe for operators and warehouse operations: it is equipped with advanced safety technologies and a sophisticated anti-collision system to ensure a protected working environment for both the warehouse and the operators.
  2. Easy to Install: Thanks to its smart design, it is simple to install, minimizing setup time and downtime.
  3. Supercapacitor technology: offers high performance, allowing higher production speed and energy efficiency.
  4. Performing from -30C up to +45C: guarantees reliable and constant performance, regardless of environmental conditions.
  5. Extreme adaptability to any layout change: offers high scalability, which allows the management of a fleet of vehicles. In addition, it can be easily configured to adapt to any change in the warehouse layout, ensuring maximum operational flexibility.
  6. Rail route articulation and transport speed: Thanks to its design features and high-grip wheels, SpinMover offers optimal transport speed for increased productivity. The use of Data Matrix on the crossbars of the rails and at strategic points of the route allows the system to communicate with extreme precision the position assumed by the vehicles.
  7. Kinetic energy recovery system: uses a kinetic energy recovery system, maximizing energy efficiency and reducing overall consumption. Thanks to low-voltage electrified rails, the system eliminates the need for busbar lockers and presents vehicles equipped with supercapacitors that are charged only when needed.
  8. Wi-Fi communication: it can be controlled remotely in total safety and convenience to optimize the workflow, thanks to its wireless equipment. The system is able to efficiently and coordinate operations within the warehouse, enabling optimal vehicle routing and a smooth workflow.
  9. Connection to Automha’s Warehouse Management System (AWMS): SpinMover integrates seamlessly with AWMS and allows centralized and optimized management of warehouse operations. Thanks to this synergy between systems, goods handling operations become even more efficient and competitive.

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ISO 9001
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