supercap automha for automatic warehouses


The SUPERCAP shuttle was designed by AUTOMHA to work in multi-depths inside fully automatic systems. The introduction of the supercapacitor technology has made it possible to solve the typical problems associated with systems powered by normal accumulators, which require long recharging times (in the case of shuttles with integrated batteries) or the presence of operators to replace the batteries (in the case of machines with extractable energy source).

SUPERCAP is suitable for the storage of any type of pallet and load unit and it can be used in any industrial sector: it guarantees optimal performance even at very low and high temperatures. (-30°C/+ 55°C). It can be used on board of stacker cranes or automatic vehicles.

The most classic use of SUPERCAP is that on board the AUTOSATMOVER mother shuttle, but it can also be inserted on a stacker crane, thanks to the CAPTIVE variant (a shuttle managed by a stacker crane) or the ROAMING variant (several shuttles managed by a stacker crane).

Both variants are equipped, in addition to a supercapacitor, with an additional lithium battery, useful for powering the machine inside the rack while waiting for the mother vehicle. This also allows the management of warehouses managed with fifo logic.

All the SUPERCAP variants are capable of operating in frozen and hostile environments.

From the mother vehicle or the stacker crane, SUPERCAP draws recharges for its supercapacitor, a technology that does not require:

  • Long charging times
  • Maintenance
  • Risks of loss of chemical sewage contained in traditional batteries

On the main vehicles, in fact, there are copper brushes that, when SUPERCAP is on board, recharge the supercapacitor in 7 seconds. Once it’s fully charged, the satellite is ready to carry out storage or extraction operations of the load units.

SUPERCAP communicates with the mother vehicles via Wi-Fi, thanks to which it sends precise reports on its charging status and on the development of its missions minute by minute.

The advantages of Supercap

1_Possibility to operate in long storage lines, thanks to the absence of electrical cables that connect the shuttle to the mother vehicle

2_Extreme flexibility: SUPERCAP can be used on different types of mother vehicles

3_Possibility of multiple management of shuttles by mother vehicles

4_Possibility to access the SUPERCAP automatic system from an external station to evaluate and modify its parameters

5_Total reliability and safety

6_ Imperceptible charging times

7_Maintenance not required

8_Long vehicle life


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