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The Automha RushMover System is an automated Shuttle Delivery System used to transport pallet loads of product to and from various parts of your facility and connecting to an Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS). These shuttles (or carts) run independently, yet collectively on a “Loop” with varying speeds as required and safely available, picking up and delivering to multiple access conveyor stations. Collision avoidance technology assure that carts will travel at higher speeds when possible but also maintain a safe distance between each as required.

The “Loop” is powered by a bus bar method integrated into an aluminum rail on which the Shuttles run, handling loads of various sizes and weights. It’s a flexible system offering high throughput rates with superior redundancy, often times vastly better and faster than typical conveyor systems.

One of the large benefits is in negotiating flexible routes over long distances at a lower cost, and with less maintenance than other methods. Whether moving product from production lines, receiving docks, or to and from layer picking systems, movement of product to and from areas of your facility can be automated. This system can be configured to incorporate with both Semi-Automated as well as Fully Automated Storage Systems.

Furthermore, the RushMover is truly a scalable system. It allows for the increase of additional shuttles over time to meet your changing throughput requirements. If you are designing a new system based on future growth, you have the ability to only purchase the initial number of shuttles needed to meet your immediate demands, and then add additional units later to match your future throughput requirements.

The advantages of Rushmover

  • Ability to move product to distinct designated staging lanes in Shipping area by order
  • Includes gantry accessed maintenance area that can remove (1) cart at a time and allow remainder of system to fully operate
  • Can be configured to handle your unique plant layout including to act as a delivery system working on floor or a mezzanine moving product from one building to another
  • Can be designed to work in ambient, cooler, or freezer environments, we have multiple installations in varying conditions


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