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Rushmover is the fully automatic modular circuit for the transport of any type of pallet.

After the invention of Pallet Runner and AutosatMover, the two machines that have revolutionized the world of warehouse logistics, the company has focused on creating a tool capable of connecting distant parts of a logistics system and tracing articulated and flexible routes even over long distances. It’s a circuit powered by a busway integrated within a light aluminum rail on which fast shuttles capable of handling pallets of different weights and sizes move; in fact, the Rushmover system allows for intense productivity thanks to the excellent speeds achieved and the perfect integration with the existing systems.

What differentiates Rushmover from other Wagon Loop systems is the ability to turn in two directions: this feature makes it possible to manage extremely flexible tracks, suitable for observing any type of existing structural aspect and tracks that cover great distances.

Rushmover is presented as a scalar system: the circuit allows the number of shuttles circulating on the loop to be integrated over time, observing the changing needs of the client. In case of need or maintenance, the Rushmover shuttles can be easily extracted from the circuit through a special portal without the need to completely stop the system.

Furthermore, the vehicles circulating in the loop can be manually maneuvered by a simple multilingual infrared remote control.

The advantages of Rushmover

1_Modular system

2_Possibility of direction exchanges

3_Management of long and complex circuits

4_Light rails easy to install

5_Easy maintenance

6_Remote control for manual controls able to manage several shuttles

7_Installation of roller conveyor or catenary on the machine according to the requirements

8_Suitable for all pallet types

9_Suitable for all industrial sectors

10_Performance unchanged from -30 to + 55C°

11_Design by Automha


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ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
SA 8000