Every year Automha participates in a series of national and international events, organized in the field of logistics and automation. A unique opportunity to introduce the world to the company’s expertise and to get in touch with the latest industry news. Fairs, conferences, and meetings guarantee opportunities for exchange, essential for the continuation of research towards increasingly efficient projects and modern solutions.
PROMAT ProMat è la manifestazione statunitense più importante del settore e offre soluzioni e suggerimenti per i sistemi destinati alla movimentazione dei materiali. L’evento prevede anche l’organizzazione di workshop formativi e la presentazione di soluzioni intralogistiche.
ITMA ITMA è la più influente fiera mondiale dedicata alle soluzioni tecnologiche destinate al settore tessile. L’evento rappresenta un momento di incontro per promuovere collaborazioni, stringere partnership e mostrare macchinari sempre più innovativi.
MODEX Con sede ad Atlanta, Modex permette di stabilire nuovi contatti, scoprire soluzioni all’avanguardia e apprendere le ultime tendenze che offriranno sicuramente un vantaggio sulla concorrenza. Il meglio che il settore dell’automazione ha da offrire.
INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA Intra Logistica Italia is the Italian event for integrated solutions and systems for industrial handling, warehouse management, materials storage and picking. The frozen goods chain in intralogistics for the food industry.
INDUSTRIAL VELVET SUMMIT Industrial Valve Summit is the international event dedicated to Oil&Gas valve technologies and flow control solutions. An information uub where you can keep up with market trends and discover the latest technological innovations.
LOGIMAT Logimat is Europe’s largest trade fair for intralogistics solutions and process management. Every year, innovative solutions and systems are presented for the rationalization and optimization of processes and cost reduction of intralogistics operations within the company.
SIL BARCELONA Based in Barcelona, the International Logistics Exhibition (SIL) is the meeting point for all logistics activities in Southern Europe. Over time the event has consolidated, becoming the fixture for promoting projects related to the furniture industry and the logistics market.
CEMAT ASIA Cemat Asia offers important contributions to the development of China and the global logistics industry, greatly improving direct communication between companies and customers and inspiring innovation among the market competition.
INDIA ITME India ITME offers the opportunity to textile companies to exhibit their solutions with the aim of encouraging market development. In addition, it facilitates the interaction between agents, retailers, distributors who can compare themselves with the latest national and international news.
MECSPE Mecspe is the reference trade fair for the manufacturing industry that offers participants numerous thematic exhibitions and demonstration activities, which enable the teaching of the new factory concept on a human scale, able to go beyond physical spaces towards industry 4.0.
LOGISTICS & AUTOMATIONS Based in Madrid, Logistics & Automation is the event that brings together hundreds of companies related to the industrial automation sector every year, offering the opportunity to exchange opinions and discover the best solutions for every business.
GLOBAL SUMMIT The annual nationwide b2b event dedicated to intra-logistics, manufacturing and industry 4.0 with workshops, networking and one2one business matching.
SAMUEXPO Samuexpo is the exhibition of technologies and tools for metalworking. An annual event in Pordenone that over the years has become a fixture in the mechanical industry trade fair landscape.
GLOBAL SUMMIT The annual nationwide b2b event dedicated to logistics and supply chain, with workshops, networking and one2one business matching meetings.
BI-MU BI-MU is the most important event in Italy dedicated to the world of machine tools, robotics and automation. The event represents the meeting point between production systems and the digital world, integrated solutions for industrial handling, warehouse management and material storage.
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