Automha automatic warehouses are realized with the objective to increase the efficiency and to reduce the costs of intra-logistic management. Over the years the company has developed a deep know-how in the engineering of specific solutions and products for automatic warehouses.

image department Engeneering automatic warehouses


Automha designs and manufactures machines, components and complete systems thanks to the close integration and synergy between mechanics, electrotechnics / electronics, IT technology and mechatronics, with a strong focus on energy saving and new technologies.

In this way, it is able to provide the customer with a customized automatic warehouse.


Automha identifies with its clients to fully understand their needs and problems with regard to the warehouse, storage and picking. It studies the feasibility of the project, the relative return on investment and it creates the most suitable solution, both for the new needs and for future modernization or revamping.

Automatic warehouse installation
image production department of equipment for automatic warehouses


Each component about automatic warehouses, each machine and each machine and management software are produced, assembled and tested extensively by highly qualified technicians within the company, to reduce subsequent installation times. The installation is followed, in every place in the world, by the company staff who analyses, evaluates and coordinates every detail.

Automatic warehouse management code image generation


Automha is one of the few companies in Italy and Europe to have realized its own service of Virtual Commissioning service consisting in the code of automation test and the code of the warehouse management on a virtual reproduction of the warehouse (called Digital Twin) before the installation is put into operation. The Virtual Commissioning represented a turning point: it significantly reduced on-site commissioning times, increased the safety of operators working on site, increased the level of innovation of Automha solutions and also reduced software development times.

image testing machines automatic warehouses


A constant and meticulous management of the performance on the field in relation to the project specifications is an intrinsic characteristic of every Automha realization: before the actual live of the plant, all the machines and systems are tested.

The commissioning phases are reduced with the use of the SYM software, a guarantee for the client to achieve the goal set at the beginning of the project.




The creation of a high-performance system, which can be easily implemented as the market changes, requires the development of sophisticated AWMS software interfaces, in complete harmony with the client’s management system, a precious technological good that Automha owns.

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ISO 9001
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