From the definition of the project to the installation of the system, Automha follows its customers all over the world.

A constant presence given from the determination, organization and passion.

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During and after the installation of a system, Automha carries out training courses for users, providing every tool necessary for learning all operational functions, and it organizes customized tutoring sessions during the start-up phase.

Thanks to the detailed technical documentation provided, Automha is able to make the client perfectly autonomous in every phase of the system maintenance.

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An Automha supply goes far beyond the installation and start up: thanks to the programming of specific tutoring plans, maintenance and upgrade taken care of directly by our maintenance department, the efficiency and safety of the systems supplied are constantly monitored.



AUTOMHA’s customer service is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A remote maintenance program allows direct access to the warehouse functions and the immediate intervention and solving of any possible anomaly.

Moreover, AUTOMHA is able to guarantee, in case of need, assistance with the greatest availability even on the spot.

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Automha’s ambition is not only to provide the best solutions for its clients, but also to guarantee a complete excellent service, even in the after-sales stages. This is why Automha is committed to draw up and provide all its customers with extensive user and maintenance manuals, useful for finding all the information on how to use each of its systems and machines in a convenient and safe condition. Each manual is drawn up in the official Community languages of the Member State in which the plant or individual machine is placed

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The revamping activity is configured as the modernization of old automatic warehouses and their update to the most recent technologies and safety regulations. To guarantee the warehouse’s efficiency, it is fundamental to carry out technological checks of electric and electronic parts periodically. This is why Automha designs ideal solutions to satisfy clients both in the case of transfer or expansion of plants, offering services of:
  • conversion of existing storage facilities
  • plant efficiency with the installation of hardware and software systems
  • configuration of new storage arrangements
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ISO 9001
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