“A che ora hai il volo?”: Franco Togni’s book


Beginnings, challenges and successes: these are the issues addressed in A che ora hai il volo?, the book by Franco Togni, founder and President of Automha, a leading company in the design of automated warehouses.

The story unfolds in 64 chapters and illustrates all the moments that led the revolutionary ideas of the Bergamo entrepreneur to the birth of an innovative and cutting-edge multinational, today a leader in the automated intralogistics sector.

But that’s not all: Franco Togni’s courage, determination and tenacity have contributed to the transformation of the industrial sector, thanks to the conception and realisation of automatic warehouses and ad hoc solutions for every automatic storage sector.

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A che ora hai il volo? A true story about true people

Franco Togni, entrepreneur from Bergamo that revolutionized the panorama of intralogistics, tells the story of challenges faced and successes achieved.

Sixty-four chapters dedicated to the telling of a story of great courage, tenacious and committed, of a man that was able to create the right connections between the world of industry and that of culture, between engineering and philosophy, between numbers and words. And of a company that today is a leader in the intralogistics and automatic warehouses sector. These themes are narrated within “A che ora hai il volo?” the book that took form as the testament of Franco Togni, founder and President of Automha, gathered and put together by Sophie Rosti, a young researcher, reporter and storyteller passionate about automation, to which is credited the idea and creation of the entire editorial project.

Born in 1951 in Villa d’Almè, at the age of 15 years old, Franco Togni spent his days working in a huge electromechanical factory and his evenings at school taking night courses. He obtained his diploma as an electrician, became a planner, and successively entered in the technical office of a company, up until 1979 he decided to create his own company geared toward planner and production of storage and transport.

Initially situated within an 18 square meter garage, in the following years the small entity would grow focusing on the elaboration of innovative and progressive projects destined to revolutionize the industrial sector. In fact, it’s from these studies that the first completely automated warehouse was born. Realizing that the future of the new product could enter above all markets abroad, at the age of 50 Franco Togni began to learn English to be able to enter in personal contact with companies in other countries.

Beyond presenting the story of the President of Automha, the volume focuses on the birth of the company from Bergamo and of its expansion in the world. It’s a story that doesn’t pass only through the words of Franco Togni. In fact, within the book A che ora hai il volo? are numerous testimonials of collaborators and employees, among which include Walter Danne, the creative mind behind all the inventions.

Also added are the narrations of Franco Togni’s children, Roberta and Gianni, that today fulfill significant roles in the company, General Counsel & CSR Officer and Vice President, respectively. To enrich and make the book even more interesting is a chapter written and dedicated entirely by machine that paved the way of creating the automatic carriers, Autosat, using self-charging Artificial Intelligence software with present content collected directly from the web.

No aspect of the book A che ora hai il volo? is fake or invented. In fact, the book had a goal from the beginning to illustrate and tell a real and concrete story with real people as protagonists that were put into play, facing challenges with courage and passion that life and the project had in store for them. Starting from zero, Franco Togni not only created Automha, a huge company today known all over the world, but also brought the automated warehouse to the industrial and commercial sector, a revolution of great reach that changed and improved people’s work within factories and establishments – and will continue to do so in the future.

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