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Frascheri, company specialized in long-shelf-life milk and cream production, trusted the professionalism of Automha, the Bergamo company specialized in the planning, production and installation of intralogistics solutions and complex automated systems, with the automation of its milk production center. “Milk every day”: this is the motto of the business, present in the market for over 60 years. The Frascheri family created a dairy tradition that, day after day renewed with enthusiasm, enabled the Bardineto company, in the province of Savona, to become the important business it is today. Frascheri and Automha follow the same business policy, characterized by innovation, respect for the environment and client satisfaction thanks to high-quality products that the two companies make.

For this reason, and given the capacity of innovation, the Liguria company decided to trust Automha with the automation of its Milk Center, with the goal of developing new technologies for the processing of raw materials through systems automation programming and information management of the production processes.

Frascheri asked to have a warehouse with temperature-controlled cells (+4°C), to increase storage capacity and to make the management of deadlines and production batches of fresh products more efficient. Therefore, a semi-automatic multi-depth intensive storage system was studied and created, managed by the shuttle Autosat, for the autonomous handling of goods in the warehouse aisles. The maximum storage capacity is 740 load units handled by two Autosat Wi-Fi managed by AWMS, the Warehouse Management System by Automha. With these applications, the Frascheri Milk Center passed from a floor storage system to a high-density, automatic storage system. Although there was not a lot of height available, Automha created a warehouse of two levels, with drive-in shelving and FIFO and LIFO storage logic. Handling times halved, higher security and increased traceability of the production chain are the added advantages of this Automha solution.

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