LOG: Software for warehouse management

The LOG warehouse management software makes the warehouse with AUTOSAT technology traceable and autonomous as a fully automatic system.

Thanks to a simple and attractive interface LOG is a powerful and complete tool for the processing of data regarding the input and output about the industrial handling of Load Units in the warehouse, whether manual or semi-automatic.

LOG processes all the information related to the stored goods and stores their characteristics and movements during the various management phases:

  • RECEIVING: it acquires data of existence of the UDC and data of planning of the warehouse movements by the company ERP, processes them and sends them back to the ERP once the operations have been completed.
  • STORAGE: regulates the management and assignment of UDC locations according to the company strategy (by product, customer, production batch, etc.).
  • COLLECTION: regulates the handling of movements that make up shipping or picking orders according to the company strategy. This allows to keep mapped all the goods circulating in the warehouse, to know their characteristics, the movements and the location.

The advantages of choosing LOG as warehouse management software:

  • Mapping: allows to have constant and immediate awareness of the goods present in the warehouse, of the movements made, of the available positions and of the cycles sustained.
  • Reorganization: the warehouse and the warehouse areas can be reorganized and compacted according to the company logic at any time.
  • Pre-preparation: the LOG gives the possibility to suggest the preparation of the Load Lists, programmable in available warehouse areas.
  • Traceability: the operator can immediately track the goods stored in the warehouse lanes.
  • Reporting: LOG extrapolates punctual reports on the situation of the warehouse, on the cycles sustained or on the activities carried out by personnel, forklifts or customers.
  • License free: LOG does not provide for the purchase of annual or subsequent licenses.
  • Sizing: LOG allows the customer to size his logical or physical warehouse at any time through a two-dimensional array, personalizing the images, levels, channels and their properties.

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