Automha for Cominparfum: excellence and innovation for the cosmetics sector

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La logistica del settore Health & Beauty Care richiede competenze e conoscenze in grado di garantire il mantenimento di tutte le caratteristiche chimiche e fisiche dei prodotti cosmetici e di profumeria.

Innovazione e professionalità hanno permesso ad Automha di sviluppare soluzioni adeguate alla cosmetica e proprio per questo Cominparfum ha scelto la nostra azienda per la gestione della movimentazione delle merci.

9 AutosatMover, 11 navette Rushmover e 4 baie di picking sono i punti di forza del nuovo magazzino che oggi può contare su una capacità di stoccaggio pari a 16.235 udc.

Read the article written by Bergamo News:

Automha, leading company in the sector of planning, producing, and installing technologically-advanced systems for intralogistic automation, is a business in Azzano San Paolo that operates nationally and internationally offering high-quality services to companies in need of automatic warehouses and solutions for multi-depth storage. Throguh innovation, professionalism, and reliability, Automha is able to develop machines adaptable to any need, applicable in a wide variety of industrial sectors.

Among these we find the Health & Beauty Care sector, that requires the study of specific custom-made solutions to guarantee the maintaining of all the chemical and physical characteristics of cosmetic and perfume products. The environmental conditions and temperatures must be necessarily controlled to guarantee the integrity of the products. The logistics of cosmetics requires competencies and knowledge tied to technology, innovation and practices that characterize the sector: factors of which Automha is equipped with thanks to the vision and aspirations of the top management, the constant research of new techniques and the engineering of the most important productive processes.

This is way Cominparfum, a company based in Niardo (BS), that operates in the cosmetics, toiletries, and house supplies, turned to Automha for the creation of a latest-generation automatic warehouse that could respond excellently to their constant growth.

The union of elevated qualitative standards and low costs of their products brought Cominparfum a strong development of e-commerce: the success of this form of selling doesn’t come from just the quality of the offer, but also more so the quality of service, that is ultimately guaranteed by sufficient management of warehouse logistics.

Thanks to Automha’s intervention, Cominparfum rethought the organization of their warehouse, optimizing the resources available, speeding up the work and developing a better management of goods-handling.

Therefore, a mixed configuration system was created: a section is served by the 9 AutosatMover, the new generation Automha modular system of new generation for automation of multi-depth pallet storage, with a shuttle and two elevators; the other part si served by a traslo-elevator with a shuttle.

The warehouse, 22 meters high, has a storage capacity equal to 16,235 pallet spaces from 1,000 kg.

The system is equipped by 11 Rushmover shuttles able to manage pallets of different weights and sizes, for a total of 160 combined cycles per hour.

Further created were 4 picking pays, each with 2 withdrawal points, on platforms with studied ergonomic form specifically for guaranteeing more efficiency.

Cominparfum has relied on the professionalism of Automha, lettings them drive the system planning that has notably improved and made more efficient the reaction times in order execution. The investment plan agreed with by Cominparfum and Automha saw the achievement of complete automation of the logistics and distribution process, with evident results in terms of improving the area of the business dedicated to the distribution and logistics.

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