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In the first days of February, 49 solar panel modules, covering a total surface area of 115.5 square meters, will be activated, enabling Automha to reduce pollutive emissions in the atmosphere every year, at both a thermoelectric and geothermic production level.

A real latest generation solar panel system: the missing piece of the sustainable innovation puzzle that our business introduced at its new headquarters, inaugurated in May 2021.

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The latest addition to the sustainable headquarters of the Bergamo company.

A latest-generation solar power plant: the missing piece of the sustainable innovation puzzle that Automha, factory leader in the sector of automatic warehouses and of intralogistics solutions, introduced at the new headquarters, inaugurated in May 2021.

The headquarters at Via Emilia 23, in Azzano San Paolo, in the last period saw the installation of 49 solar panel modules, that cover a total surface area of 115.5 square meters.

The system, ready for activation in the first days of February, will enable the company to reduce pollutive emissions into the atmosphere each year, at both a thermoelectric and geothermic level. In the first case, carbon dioxide emissions will reduce by 13.5 tons, sulfur dioxide by 18.14 kilograms, and nitrous oxides by 22.83 kilograms; in the second case, the ETP –Equivalent Tons of Petroleum are reduced by 6.5.

With greater exit power, lower electrical cost, less resistive loss, and high mechanical charge tolerance, the solar panels on the headquarters’ roof balance out a large part of the daily energy requirements of Automha collaborators.

It’s an important addition to the already highly sustainable structure: the new Automha headquarters, in fact, was created with an attentive eye towards the environment. Rising on a recuperated industrial site and repurposed through profound reclamation works, green areas were created on previously cemented surfaces. Hydraulic works were carried out targeted at the containment and management of large amounts of water generated by precipitation, as well as specific interventions to restore drainage capacity in the ground with specific pavements. For the facades, thermic and acoustic insulation was chosen, and for the furnishings, recycled and recyclable materials.

The solar panel plants fit into Automha’s plan dedicated to lessening energy consumption. The 49 modules add themselves to the LED illumination system that guarantees, beyond a low electrical absorption, controlled luminous flows and ideal color temperatures; to the climatization system generated by heat pumps at low absorption; to the latest generation mechanical ventilation system.

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