Automha never goes on vacation

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«Automha never stops!»

This is what President Franco Togni said in his latest interview with Bergamo News, explaining the decision to keep the company operational to respond to the needs of a global market. «At the company, someone is always present for each sector and for each department. The employees alternate to guarantee operation and constant support to the client».
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Automha never goes on vacation: “The market is global, we are always operational” Smile Franco Togni, Founder and President of Automha. “It’s true, Automha never stops. For years we have been operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”
Bergamo. “This year, Automha’s not stopping! We’re only taking one day off at Ferragosto, but we will immediately return to being operational! To all those enjoying a well-deserved break, instead, we are wishing them a happy vacation!”. The message published on Facebook recalls what Sergio Marchionne said in front of his students: “Vacation in August. Vacation from who? From what?”. Franco Togni, Founder and President of Automha, smiles. “It’s true, Automha never stops. By now, I don’t remember when the company closed for two weeks completely. For years now, we have been operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We only have some days of closure throughout the year like Christmas and two other holidays. For the rest of the time, there is always someone for each sector and for each department at the company.”
What led to this decision? The market is global. We are present in all of Europe, in Asia, India, and Southeast Asia. We have a company in India, one in China, and one that offers assistance in North and South America, and we have a commercial service in Spain. In 2021, we have reached a turnover of 60 million euros just in Italy, while across companies, 120 million.
How many people work at Automha? In Italy, we have 140 employees.
And how are you able to spread out all the vacation time throughout the year? It’s simply a question of organization. In January, we organize ourselves and distribute them throughout the year. When it comes to summer, we shared with our technicians and collaborators the need to coordinate among ourselves to divide vacation time between May, June; July, and September, without concentrating all of it in August. The employees alternate, so that we can guarantee the operability of offices and departments.
Do all the employees agree with this? Yes, we have everyone’s consent. We do it in a way that at the end of the year, all the employees have satisfied their vacation needs: it’s right that they should enjoy vacation periods to relax, have fun, and spend time with their families.
Working with this continuity, you can pursue many projects. Can you tell us some of the ones coming up? We are working on various interesting projects. Despite expensive energy and cost increases for raw materials, the market is behaving well. In the American one, strangely, the equivalence of the euro and the dollar has strategic importance for us considering we have a branch in America to which we supply materials.
Do we have to worry about autumn? Surely, there will be increases. The latest developments in political situations make us understand the closures of gas pipelines and leave us to think of increased energy costs: it will be necessary to optimize consumption. Our company doesn’t depend a lot on energy: we don’t have this need, but we have seen sudden increases in the prices of electronic products and raw materials like iron, which are now returning to normal.

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