Automha wins the Top 100 Social recognition of the Sustainability Award

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The second year of the Sustainability Award, by Kon Croup and Credit Suisse with the media partnership of Forbes, sees Automha the winner of the Top 100 Social recognition.

The award’s goal is to create more awareness around sustainability in Italian companies the measurement of results achieved and the areas of improvement to implement, based on ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance – factors.

The work between Atlis Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, that created rigorous criteria for the rating, and RepRisk, that carried out the cross-checking of results, enabled the selection of the companies that best distinguished themselves and that have operated for years in spreading a sustainable business culture.

Among the elements that had the most significance in the rating was a deepened propensity for innovation in the Social area. The Social factor of the rating considers elements like workplace conditions and security, value-creation for the organization, engagement of local stakeholders, social responsibility, investment in sustainable communities, sustainable supply of materials, business welfare initiatives and supporting parents.

For Automha, sustainability means integrating into the business ethic processes, environmental awareness and stakeholders, transforming current challenges into opportunities of strategic development for the company and the area in which it works.

Attention to the stakeholders, collaborators, clients, suppliers and administration of the territory is part of Automha’s DNA. Only in the past five years has this commitment brought about a virtuous cycle that has increased the company’s productivity.

Valuing employees, Automha’s first stakeholders, has brought about the development of annual growth plans and technical and behavioral training, with a particular focus on female empowerment.

Attention to growth extends also to the workers of tomorrow, through consolidated partnerships with the main active institutions in the area, with the goal of incentivizing young entrepreneurship.

Internal politics to support parents was activated with the forming of agreements with local nurseries and with the adoption of protocols to support the presence of working mothers in the company, giving them a 25% reduction in working hours without lowering pay.

During the difficult months of the pandemic, Automha insitituted a NO integrated pay system, guaranteeing employees the security of their job and their paycheck.

The points provided by the first edition of the Sustainability Award were used to put into action improvement projects in monitoring the social certifications of suppliers, because a sustainable supply chain is synonymous with efficiency.

Business welfare brings value and wellness not only to the employees but also their families and service suppliers:

  • 730 free.
  • Free flu vaccines.
  • Free cafeteria.
  • Sports and cultural activities that engage organization.
  • Cultural and sports development and many other initiatives.

Confronting these worlds helps increase interaction and relationships, that impact the satisfaction, motivation and performance of employees that are the foundation of the company’s competitive advantage.

In 2021, Automha achieved the SA8000 ethics certification, the reference standard acknowledged around the world that recognizes optimal workplace conditions and respect of workers’ rights. The constant attention and care in the definition of Automha products and their security confirms the company’s social commitment also in the areas of the company’s core.

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