Automha’s ethical commitment: SA 8000 Certification


Human assets and the correct management of the entrepreneurial reality nowadays play a central role in an increasingly globalized market aimed exclusively at profit.

The focus now becomes the enhancement of the person: this is why Automha, to distinguish itself from the competition and to ensure correct ethics towards its team, has decided to apply for the SA 8000 Certification.

This testimony demonstrates that the leader in the sector of automatic storage of various types of goods and intralogistics solutions also shows proximity and attention to Social Responsibility.

What is the SA 8000 Certification?

It is the first certifiable ethical standard that promotes fair treatment of workers, in compliance with international human rights conventions: an encouragement to industrial realities to practice correct and respectful behavior in the workplace.

An accredited and internationally recognized certification that responds to the needs of companies that want to show their closeness to social issues, such as:

  • Discrimination;
  • Disciplinary practices;
  • Compensations;
  • Occupational health.

The companies that possess the SA 8000 standard are very few: only 40 out of 1,993 in the Italian panorama attest to have the regulatory certification, which is why Automha is committed every day in the campaign to raise awareness of social responsibility towards other realities in the area.

The SA 8000 standard has revolutionized and will continue to revolutionize the Italian and international industrial landscape: the step towards the future starts right here.

Watch the video of Roberta Togni, General Counsel and CSR Officer Automha, to find out more about the certification.

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