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The Automha’s project to help students to enter into the world of work through the knowledge of social networks

It is now known to all: social networks play a important role in the young people’s lives. According to a survey carried out by the Scientific Observatory of Digital Ethical Movement, an organization that aims to increase awareness among young people (but not only) about the potential and risks of the web, 79% of guys between 11 and 18 years spend more than 4 hours a day on social media. Social networks, undoubtedly, offer various opportunities: keep in touch with your acquaintances, make new friends, be informed about what is happening in the world. Last, but not least, the possibility of approaching the world of work.

This is the case of digital platforms such as LinkedIn, focused on business, which aims to develop connections between professional people. With more than 14 million subscribers, LinkedIn is used to introduce oneself to interlocutors in a professional manner and, unlike the other social networks, it is used to shake B2B links and to highlight one’s skills and work experience.

This is why Automha, a leading company in the design, production and installation of avant-guard automated storage and picking solutions, has developed Be Pro Be Social, a project addressed to high school students in order to spread awareness about social networks related to the world of work, very useful in the phases of job search and first contacts with companies.  

This is not the first initiative dedicated to the youngest: the leading automatic warehouses company has always been active in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, with projects that aimed at the educational field, such as Fare Impresa (Do Business), the work placement project created and managed by Automha.

In collaboration with Pernice Comunicazione, the Italian company based in Lombardy in Azzano San Paolo in the province of Bergamo, aims to explain to young people the potential of the platform, the types of relationships that are established and the opportunities of LinkedIn at work.

Through three training meeting, students are provided with the suitable tools to start their career.

Through three training meeting, students are provided with the suitable tools to start their career. During the first meeting, entitled “From theory to practice”, some case studies regarding the use of LinkedIn by managers of large companies and multinationals are presented and analyzed in depth. The second meeting focuses on the importance of using this social network in the workplace, showing in detail how to build a successful profile: the title “Instruction Manual”. Finally, in the third meeting, the students are called to put into practice what they have learned in previous meetings, by creating their own LinkedIn profile and sending their application to the company.

In April, Automha launched this project in the Imiberg School, addressed to students of the Economic Technical Institute. The speakers of the meetings are Anna Maccarone, HR Manager Automha, Ginevra Stefanelli and Alessandra Pellati, Communication Department Automha.

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