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At Automha, the Bergamo company specialized in the planning, production and installation of complex automation systems in the intralogistics sector, the sense of social responsibility and restitution is strong. The CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility project supports educational initiatives, as well as those cultural, local and humane. With its projects, the company enhances youth resources, that represent the future of business development and the entire industrial sector, explains Roberta Togni, General Counsel and CSR Officer at Automha. “For our company, it is fundamental to insert young people within our business and trust them with roles of responsibility. A way to contribute to their professional, but most importantly personal, growth”. According to ISTAT data, in 2021, the job rate among those aged 25 to 34 had grown, passing from 53.4% in the first semester to 57.8% in the third. A statistic that supersedes what it was before the Covid-19 pandemic, signaling a notable improvement in respect to the other age ranges. “We are happy when we see the percentages of youth employment increase, most of all because we know we are contributing even with just our little part. It is necessary to listen to the new generations, because they represent a fundamental resource, a breath of fresh air that can only bring good to a company. On the other hand, for us, with our experience, we can be by their side to help them develop their potential” continues the General Counsel.

Automha’s attention is also toward the Under 18 age group, through the PCTO project destined for students in high school, and to those that are the next to graduate thanks to meetings organized at Italian universities: “We offer numerous initiatives that reenter in the PCTO for alumni of the Istituto Scuola Imiberg, the IISS Ettore Majorana and other schools in the area. Furthermore, we collaborate with the Università Federico II Napoli, Politecnico di Milano and the Università degli Studi di Bergamo to share the expertise required in an industrial sector undergoing constant change. But without neglecting more general competencies tied to the work world” concludes Roberta Togni. Anna Maccarone, HR Manager at Automha, defines the company as a business looking toward the future, to new generations. “As the human resources manager, I manage, select, and help develop the Automha personnel. In 2021, the company added several internships, some of which ended with the intern being hired once they finished their studies. In the same way, in 2022, we brought in various new graduates through extracurricular programs that resulted in the hiring or practically all the students.” There are many who are under 30 working for the company: “Our work group counts 33 employees under 30 – says Anna Maccarone.” We are constantly searching for young figures and entrepreneurs that want to learn and put into practice their expertise. Our main goal is to grow and, to do so, we need people that have the same motivation to get in the game.

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