Automha for Sport

For Automha, sport is an individual moment of well-being and a collective opportunity for union and comparison. A value capable of creating deep and solid interpersonal and family bonds among collaborators, as well as bonds with the territory.

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Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio

Automha is the Sleeve Sponsor of Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio for the territorial development and the industrial fabric of Bergamo.


Sponsor League

Annual participation in the football tournament organized by Atalanta.

golf automha

Ai Colli di Bergamo Golf

Sponsorship of golf activities through the organization of company competitions, an opportunity for incentives also for Automha clients.


Play Sport Academy

Support for the introduction of young people to ski sports.


Tennis Club Bergamo

Organization of corporate tennis tournaments.

immagine sciatore andrej drukarov

Andrej Drukarov

Automha is sponsor of Andrej Drukarov, Team B athlete of Swiss National Alpine Skiing.

immagine lorenzo gerosa

Lorenzo Gerosa

Automha is a sponsor of Lorenzo Gerosa, a young promise in Alpine Skiing, who grew up in the historic Radici Group Ski Club.

immagine logo combined automha falconeri ski team

Falconeri Ski Team

Automha sponsors the events of the organization Falconeri Ski Team.

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RNH Ski Academy

Automha sostiene le attività di RNH Ski Academy, accademia sportiva che allena giovani appassionati di sci.

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ISO 9001
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ISO 45001
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