Excellent Results from the ESG Evaluation 2022


Automha improves on the previous year’s evaluation, achieving above the national average of companies

Once again Automha distinguishes itself for excellence in sustainability thanks to the achievement over the past year of 622,7/1000 in the ESG evaluation (environment, social, governance). The result represents a significant improvement because not only is it better than the 461,49/1000 obtained in 2021, but also than the average of Italian companies, which is about 480 points.

The ESG was carried out using the A4ESG method, promoted by Credit Suisse and developed by ALTIS (Alta Scuola Impresa e Società) of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, based on learning and refinement mechanisms that consider the information collected from the companies in previous evaluations. This ensures a suitable benchmark and allows continuous improvement of the evaluation model. The A4ESG model, with its algorithm, measures the capacity of the company to effectively manage the ESG themes through a series of objective parameters like the use of natural resources, contribution to the development of local communities, ethics, integrity and more.

The results achieved by Automha are excellent in all three areas of the ESG evaluation:

  • Environment: 178,6 points out of 350
  • Social: 290,2 points out of 350
  • Governance: 154,0 points out of 300

The Bergamo company achieved the prestigious awards Top Social, for the highest social ESG rating; Top 100, for its commitment to respecting the environment; Top 50, for improving its performance over the past year and the Sustainability Award, promoted by Kon Group and Credit Suisse, with the media partnership of Forbes. This award recognizes Italian companies that are strongly active across the national territory and in sustainability, that reached important results regarding environment, social e governance.

It is a milestone that confirms Automha’s commitment toward green, that integrates ethical values, attention to the environment and to stakeholders in business processes. The company seeks to transform challenges into opportunities for strategic development, not just for itself but also for the territory in which it operates. The attention toward its collaborators, clients, suppliers and regional administrators is intrinsic to the business culture and contributed to a virtuous cycle that has increased the company’s productivity in recent years.

Another fundamental theme is valuing its employees, through growth plans and technical training, with a specific focus on female collaborators and enhancing young entrepreneurship. The internal policy supporting parents reflects the company’s commitment to an inclusive management of work, offering advantages like reduced working hours for mothers with preschool-aged children.

The attention to company welfare is translated into initiatives of value and wellness, not only for employees but also their families and service providers. The exchange between these two worlds contributes to the capacity of interaction and relations, improving satisfaction, motivation and performance of workers.

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