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Automha is looking for a functional analyst for its Software office.

the task of the resource will be to study and analyze the specific characteristics of each client, initially supporting the sales department, and following the various stages of development of the order. The figure must be skilled in drawing up functional specifications and flow charts, without leaving aside the important contact with the client and the management of suppliers.

– Collection of functional requirements with the client
– Collaboration during the early stages of the order to support the sales department
– Drawing up functional specifications and flow charts (the use of MS Visio is appreciated)
– Approval of functional specifications alongside the internal team
– Technical management of the WMS supplier
– Technical management of the client for interface with any ERP management systems (SAP, Oracle)
– Coordination of communication tests between WCS, owned by Automha, and WMS
– Coordination of communication tests between WMS – ERP

In addition to these main activities, the resource will have to coordinate the company team for the commissioning of the order and manage any changes requested by the client; will support construction site activities up to the final testing phases and will manage the offers of specific suppliers with the Purchasing Department.

Parametri richiesti

Required characteristics
-Knowledge of the Automation sector
-Reading CAD drawing
-Knowledge of the English level C1
-Use of MS Visio, MS Project, MS Excel advanced level
-Analytical skills, autonomy in flow analysis
-Minimum knowledge of advanced management systems (SAP, Oracle)
– Minimum knowledge of SQL and programming languages (not writing, reading only)
-Inclination to work in a team and excellent interpersonal skills

Contractual framework and remuneration: to be defined according to experience

Experience: 5-7 years

Business trips: Yes, short / medium duration


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