Design and projecting of automatic solutions


Mission The main role of the resource is the design and projecting of automatic solutions suitable for the clients needs. This assignment involves a strong link with the reference salesman, supporting him both in the back office phase and directly with customers, and with the R&D department. The assignment of the presales designer requires great technical competence, but also strong creativity, the ability to understand the client’s logistical needs, respect for budgets, the desire to collaborate with the R&D department for the development of new technologies applicable to pilot projects or future needs.

-ANALYSIS OF INPUT DATA RECEIVED FROM THE SALES MANAGER Analysis of clients specifications (Italian / English) and summary of the salient information for the sizing of automatic warehouses such as load unit characteristics, storage volumes, requested cycles, flows and particular functions.
– DIMENSIONING Preliminary dimensioning of the racks with reference to the required volumes and the type / quantity of storage machines necessary to satisfy the required cycles. Sizing of handling systems (conveyors / shuttles and others) with reference to the characteristics of the load unit (size / weight and shape) and the required flows.
– 2D CAD DRAWING VIA AUTOCAD 2D representations of automatic warehouses including views and sections of racks, storage machines, conveyors and load unit transport systems.
– CALCULATION OF CYCLES calculation of storage machine cycles using the Automha calculation tool. Calculation of the transfer times of the load units through handling systems (conveyors / shuttles and others). Inventory flow analysis with particular attention towards potential system “bottlenecks”. Definition and verification of the cycles of the overall automatic system (storage + handling machines).

DEALING WITH OTHER BUSINESS FUNCTIONS: dealing with the sales representative for the definition/verification of incoming data received by clients. Dealing with the Operation and Technical Office functions during the order opening phase. Dealing with the Technical Department for project verification and validation (layout / cycles).

Required characteristics

Required characteristics
– Mechanics diploma or degree
– Excellent knowledge of AUTOCAD
– Good knowledge of written and spoken English
– Computer use with good knowledge of the Windows operating system and the Office package
– Seriousness, proactivity, curiosity and desire for professional growth.

Previous experience in:
– Packaging – Transport or internal handling – Robotics – Food sector production machines or complex systems – Intralogistics


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