President Togni: The future is North America, but I dream of Vietnam”

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The leading company in the automated warehouses and intralogistics solutions sector: “Today companies must invest in logistics because the market is very demanding. Regardless of quality, service counts.

Automha President Franco Togni is the protagonist of the latest Bergamonews articles dedicated to our company.

What topics are covered in the interview? The importance of automation, the prospect of expansion in the North American market, and our participation at Industrial Valve Summit, which allowed Automha to solidify relationships with important clients and get to know new ones.

Today companies must invest in logistics because the market is very demanding. Regardless of quality, service counts. By now the market is globalized and it is very easy to buy a product online; so it’s necessary to be well organized to maintain the trend.

Read the full article: Bergamo. They couldn’t miss it, clarifies President Franco Togni. Automha participated in the two-day event, Industrial Valve Summit, the most important international trade show in Europe for industrial valves, hosted at the Fiera di Bergamo last Mat 25th and 26th. Leading company in the automated warehouses and intralogistics solutions sector, Automha was born in 1979 from Togni’s intuition. The headquarters is in Azzano San Paolo, but for decades the company has been opening around the world: today it has around 250 employees in Italy and abroad and the production is divided between Italy and China. In Spain, Mexico, Canada, India and the United States (to name a few) are branches for solutions and service. According to Togni, it’s exactly in this direction that the company next to head today: service and client assistance. “The market is agreeing with us. Today, businesses must invest in logistics because the market is more demanding. Regardless of quality, which is always a must, it’s the service that counts. By now the market is globalized and it’s very easy to buy a product online, so it’s necessary to be well-organized to keep up with the trend. Therefore, having a high-quality product, correct documentation, good service, and a good installation team.” With an always increasingly competitive market, another strong point of companies must be internationalization. “We make automation plants, but all the machines are also created by us, so we are both producers and integrators. The advantage is that we provide products with machines that we know and of which we know the life and times.” The product of which Automha is most proud is without a doubt Supercap, the first battery-less carrier, fed by a supercapacitor, resistant to high working temperatures (from -30 to +55 degrees). Product quality repeats Togni, but without leaving behind the aesthetic. In the country of beauty, Italy, the beauty of the product is also a need. “The product for sale must be beautiful. Our machines are beautiful, we are very about white. I’m a maniac about precision.” The business from Azzano San Paolo also took part in IVS in May, the international event dedicated to industrial valves at Fiera di Bergamo, although not with a starring role. “We participated in the trade show because there were 4 clients of ours there from Bergamo and Lecce – explains Togni. It’s not really our trade show but we still created a small stand to be present. Today it is important to show yourself and let yourself be known, maybe you receive no feedback at the moment, but if you are there, sooner or later, they will notice you.” It’s difficult to not take notice of Automha, a company with an important sales volume. “In 2022, we will potentially reach 80 million in turnover in Italy, while the total including the branches abroad should reach 120 million.” Togni’s company was able to sustain the hit from the Ukraine and Russian war, which caused prices of essential materials for production like iron to soar. “We had meetings with our suppliers, like Siemens, to organize annual pre-orders for products that we need. We’ve never done annual orders. But facing all these difficulties, locating materials, increasing prices and transport costs, delivery delays – at this moment, we can manage our relationship with clients with some delay that our clients have accepted.” It hasn’t been a walk in the park in any case. “Russia for us is an important client, but the Russian market is not easy. They are ignorant in terms of automation. And moreover, we must stop due to the embargo in place. The war blocked relationships between Russia and all of Europe. We hope it ends soon.” The loosening of Covid-related restrictions, in particular those regarding international movements, finally returned relief and security to Automha, which now is picking up to face future challenges with faith. Right now, a significant amount of business is concentrated in the food district in Belgium and the Netherlands, but the true resource is elsewhere. “The market of the future for us is North America. It is a widespread country where intralogistics doesn’t still follow the regulations of development that we have in Europe but has enormous potential. And then we have an optimal market also in textiles in India with 35 automated plants. Developing countries are investing a lot to compete in automation with America and Europe.” Automha is present in almost all countries in the world. There are few in which it still needs to land. What’s the next goal? “My personal dream is Vietnam” reveals Togni, even if the company wishes for a more important milestone. “I want that Automha achieves maximum internal organization to satisfy client requests – concludes the President – that today are always more demanding.

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