autosat image for automatic pallet storage

New generation Shuttle designed for the automatic storage of pallets in drive-in shelves.


miniload automha

Automha’s Miniload warehouses are automatic storage systems for containers or trays, used in all needs characterized by high flow of goods with heavy weights.

SRM Stacker Cranes

SRM automatic storage warehouse

warehouses allow automatic storage of load units of any size and weight.


peakmover automatic warhouses

Peakmover is a high performance system ideal for e-commerce, distribution centers and beyond.


Uni-flex for automatic warhouses

The range of flexible, extendable and durable conveyors for bulk loading and unloading applications.


automated vertical warehouse Heavytower Automha

Automated vertical storage system, is designed to store long materials, metal sheets and heavy carpentry, guaranteeing very high capacities.


rushmover automha

The fully automatic modular circuit for the transport of any type of pallet.


supercap automha for automatic warehouses

A shuttle that was designed by AUTOMHA to work in multi-depths inside fully automatic systems


autosat mover for automated pallet storage

AutosatMover is the new generation modular system, fully automatic for the automation of multi- depth storage of pallets.

Pallet Runner

The new generation shuttle ideal of the automatic storage of multi-depth pallets inside a traditional drive-in rack