Roberta Togni is Vice President of AISEM

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Automha consolidates its presence in the association

Roberta Togni, General Counsel and CSR Officer of Automha was named Vice President with responsibility of membership relations of AISEM, Italian Association of Lifting, Elevation, and Handling Systems. An Italian entity that represents the best national entrepreneurship for the construction and distribution of material handling and lifting machines. Among the AISEM associates is Automha, leader in the intralogistics sector and the planning, production, and realization of automatic warehouses with headquarters in Bergamo.

Automha has a solid presence in AISEM, both as a member company and in the executive body. Monday, April 5th, in fact, Roberta Togni, already head of AISEM’s Intralogistic Systems branch since 2020, received the position of Vice President with responsibility of membership relations. A very important role, that attributes to her responsibility to be spokesperson of intralogistics companies and an example for all women that work in industrial sectors.

The goal of Automha’s General Counsel, that in December 2019 began to take part in the association’s Executive Board, is to propose new guidelines for production regulation, ultimately to modify those that have been in existence for over 30 years. The modernization of the technical regulations regarding intralogistics is important to how much the products of this sector are tied to software that is continuously being updated: consequently, the laws must be up to date with technological evolution.

The position of Vice President of AISEM give to Roberta Togni is an additional example of Automha’s commitment to encourage the growth of its sector and the protection of every single worker.

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