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A useful, innovative and eco-friendly product, born from the students’ idea and thanks to the reuse of aluminum plates of the company of Azzano San Paolo

On Friday 9th April, at 10.30 am, at the Imiberg High School (Via Santa Lucia 14, Bergamo) and in live streaming on the social media of Automha and Imiberg High School, it was presented the project Stand By, realized by students of the class IV I.T.E., in partnership with Automha. An initiative that has seen the development of a support for technological devices starting from the assembly of plates discarded from the company’s production process.

Innovative and modern, the project also has allowed the school to participate at the national contest “The Italian presence of G20: projecting and working to give a new aspect to the world we want to live in” organized by the Ministry of Education. For middle and high school in Italy, the contest aims at encouraging the students’ thoughts on the use of natural resources, the development of technologies and methodologies to promote waste management and the creation of eco-friendly products. Imiberg students have choosen to participate in the contest with a video that tells their experience.

Stand By insert itself into the “Fare Impresa” (Do Business) context, Automha’s work placement project that aims to make students more aware of the current economic world. With this initiative, students of Imiberg can experience how a company works, and they put into play their knowledge and ability to create a model of business.

Protagonists of the initiative, class IV I.T.E. students have designed Stand By a support that allow to keep in palce smartphones, tablets and PCs, facilitating the user during the work or the study. Once defined the name, the product and its use, the students organized themselves as a real company by defining the company’s organization chart and identifying the three different types of product.

Moreover, it was also created a strategic communication plan, thanks to Automha’s Marketing and Communication team and the support of Pernice Comunicazione, the strategic partner of the Azzano San Paolo company.

Stand By promotes sustainability and the circular economy, that aims at enhancing economic models dedicated to environmental protection and at the reuse of materials that would otherwise remain unused. And it is from the reuse of recovered elements that a new business project can born, as demonstrated by Stand By.

«For Automha – explained Roberta Togni, General Counsel and CSR Officereducation and the sharing of culture and knowledge are important concepts, and for this reason the company has always been at the forefront to support and strengthen the training of the young people». Automha, which every year is engaged in projects dedicated to the education of younger generations, has provided Imiberg with the aluminum plates necessary to build the new product.

«Automha has taken the decision to replace the aluminum information plates, installed directly on machines, with more sustainable labels. I’m proud that they have been delivered to Imiberg students to give them a new life and reduce waste» has said Matteo Rocchi, Products Service and Parts Supervisor of the Bergamo-based company.

Francesca Galbiati, Headmaster of Imiberg: «I have seen the commitment and engagement grow day by day, as well as the awareness to the sustainability».

«We have deepened – told the studentsthe weaknesses and strengths of Stand By project: for example, the product supports smartphones and tablets allowing workers in smart working and students in online learning an easier management of videoconferences. Moreover, our product is adaptable and can be used not only to work, but also to watch TV series, consult recipes and much more».

At the press conference there were the students of the IV I.T.E. of the Imiberg, the Headmaster Francesca Galbiati, the teacher Alessia Grossi, Roberta Togni, General Counsel and CSR Officer Automha, Anna Maccarone, HR manager Automha, Ginevra Stefanelli and Alessandra Pellati, Marketing & Communication department Automha.

During the press conference, the video of the Stand By project was showed in an exclusive preview.

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