The magic of Virtual Commissioning

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The Automha programme for virtual warehouses, capable of reducing time and costs

Automha, Bergamo company specialized in the planning, production and installation of cutting-edge automated warehouses, developed Virtual Commissioning as the Industry 4.0 solution for the creation of automated warehouses that adapt to every need of the client.

Virtual Commissioning is a system that replicates the physical behavior of systems or machines, allowing the user to virtually test all process and control systems. With a simulation software, it is possible to optimize and innovate the workflow specific to the client, reducing risks and associated costs of the working system to a minimum.

The first step of Virtual Commissioning consists of the creation of aa twin plant, called the Digital Twin, that anticipates the development of the automation within the digital environment. The vast business know-how allows the presentation of an initial version of the warehouse, using the simulation with different layouts and various types of machines, that respond specifically to each need of the client and evaluate the feasibility of the project.

Next, the phase of true Virtual Commissioning begins. During this process, all the elements planned and their relative automations are tested by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), Motion Control and HMI (Human Machine Interface). This method allows testing the automation software and correcting potential programming errors.

But the support does not finish in the creation phase: in the after-sales phase, Automha offers a revamping service, updating systems, so that, in this way, the warehouse can continue running and avoid functional and economic losses.

Thanks to Virtual Commissioning, it is possible to test the changes right from the Azzano San Paolo headquarters, no matter where the warehouse to be created is located, guaranteeing an efficient and seamless updating process in the productive activity.

Beyond the reduction in development time of the software and work management, Virtual Commissioning allows carrying out numerous tests to verify the effectiveness of the planned security systems. Furthermore, it allows a significant reduction in delivery times of the system, with an estimated reduction of 60& of the production times with respect to the traditional approach of on-site commissioning. The same model can be replicated and adapted for different establishments of a company.

One example is what was created for Aviko, world leader in the production of potatoes with headquarters in Steenderen, in the Netherlands and in Poperinge in Belgium. Following the growth wave of the Food&Beverage sector after the post-pandemic period, the company decided to expand its activity, having Automha build two new automated warehouses. The implementation of  Virtual Commissioning allowed Automha to reduce by 100% the margins of error in the size of the system and 40% the time of installation and test of software on site, generating notable savings of time and resources for the client.

Aviko’s satisfaction is reflected clearly in the volume of goods shipped and managed by the warehouse, that reached a growth that would be impossible using the previous model.

The positive experience in Europa brought Automha to replicate the concept in Asia and North America, where it has two operational centers in China and Canada, to increase its international presence. Automha is always searching for innovative solutions for the automated storage and withdrawal of goods and Virtual Commissioning represents a significant turning point, allowing faster production times to the advantage of the client.

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