The present and future of Automha


Gianni Togni perspective

What is the atmosphere in the new Automha headquarters a year since moving?

In just a little over a month, the new headquarters will celebrate its first year: a milestone if we think back to the groundbreaking ceremony. It was a busy year that brought great satisfaction in terms of organization and quality of work. The choices made in the planning phase have proven to be winning: we have large spaces for sharing and for working in peace and harmony between the various departments.

What is the ace up Automha’s sleeve?

Not giving up in the face of difficulty and fighting for the common goal, the best for the company and our employees. The dynamism and will to innovate are surely important elements for Automha – it’s not by chance that at the reception, there is a phrase from Steve Jobs: “Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower.” In the sector, Automha is seen as a leader in specific multi-depth storage solutions, both semi-automatic and automatic, a leader in solutions and in the instruments used to support our clients. We remember having been cited by Siemens as the best practice in the sector.

What are the principal strengths an employee must possess in the present and future at Automha?

We have always used a well-defined slogan, upheld by all those who enter in contact with the Automha world. Quality, few words, facts! Automha is just like this: in every system, every product, and every solution thought of, we put the client at the center. Because a happy client today is a partner for future business. In Automha, passion for work beats strongly, which permeates our every undertaking. We have become one of the leading organizations in the intralogistics sector thanks to the commitment of everyone. But we aren’t stopping here: I see huge opportunities in Automha’s future.

Due to Covid-19, many events, trade shows, and conventions were canceled. How was interaction managed despite the distance?

In creating custom solutions, we must constantly confront ourselves with the clientele to understand their demands, expectations, and needs. Therefore, we had to take part in online events and webinars that allowed us to create new business opportunities. A strong digital push today is also represented by the new process of integrating automated warehouses in the business context. With Virtual Commissioning, every proposal can be preventatively simulated in a three-dimensional model that becomes the twin of the solution to be installed. The pandemic enabled us to understand the need of updating business processes to guarantee continuous growth and more flexibility.

2022 was a year of rebeginning for trade shows. Which events will see Automha as a protagonist?

In 2022, we will be at the most important trade shows in the industry. Starting with MODEX in Atalanta, up to the Italian trade shows Intralogistica Italia and Industrial Valves Summit. Following those are LogiMAT in Stuttgart, SIL Barcelona, CEMAT Asia, and ITME in India. At these events, the biggest protagonists without a doubt will be the new products. There is a great expectation from Automha, and we must amaze the market with solutions continuously more innovative to always be a step ahead and dictate the standard.

What can be expected from the industrial landscape in the next three years?

Just one edition of Automha news is not enough to paint the picture of the industrial landscape, but surely investing in the North American and European markets will be fundamental, as well as speeding up processes, digitizing as best as possible information to make it available to everyone (clients included) and engineering and standardizing new products.

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