Virtual Commissioning Automha: potentiality and avant guard

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«In Automha, we are constantly looking for innovative and modern solutions for the automatic storage and retrieval of goods. Virtual Commissioning represents a real turning point, allowing us to speed up production times for our customers». Automha is the only company in Italy, and one of the few in Europe, to run Virtual Commissioning tests at advanced automation levels. Eng. Marco Mazzucchelli, fromR&D Department Automha, illustrated the potential of the service to the students of Experis Academy, Manpower Italia’s training course.

Read the article written by Bergamo News to learn more: Engineer Marco Mazzuchelli presents the system to new graduates of Experis Academy. Automha, business leader in the planning, production, and installation of latest-generation automatic warehouses, supports continuing educational activities and social promotion within their CSR project Automha Hand. The goal of these initiatives is to value youth and prepare them better for entering the workforce. Therefore at the online meeting of newly graduated Experis Academy students, the excellent training center of Manpower Group Italia, engineer Marco Massucchelli of Automha’s R&D department shared his experience at the company and presented one of the newest creations from Azzano San Paolo: Virtual Commissioning. “Virtual Commissioning – he explained – is a system that reproduces the physical behavior of a system or machine, thank to which one can test all process and control systems virtually through simulation software, in the end making more efficient and innovating the workflow of a specific client company, minimizing risks and lowering costs and time to get the system and machine working.” The virtualization of the system happens through the creation of a Digital Twin of the system, that reveals in advance the development of automation within the digital world, and Automha created internally a vast library with which its able to autogenerate any system. Then starts the real and true Virtual Commissioning, that consists of the testing of all the planned elements and relative automation, technically controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), Motional Control and HMI (Human Machine Interface), and of eliminating programming errors that could be found during automation. Planned and created with care by Automha experts, that in 2019 was equipped with a package of three Siemens software (Plant Simulation, NX MCD, SIMIT), indispensable for guaranteeing the service to clients, Virtual Commissioning provides numerous advantages. It offers the possibility to reduce software development times and those of work management, as well as allowing to enable numerous tests to verify the efficacy of planned security systems. To these benefits is added the reduction of system delivery time, since the more traditional on-site commissioning phase requires more time (it was estimated a reduction of 60% of productions times), the optimization of systems for reduced energy consumption. “We at Automha are constantly researching innovative and modern solutions for the storage and withdrawal of goods automatically. Virtual Commissioning represents a true turning point, allowing us to speed up production time to the advantage of our clients” continues Marco Mazzucchelli. “For example, during the lockdown period, we can carry on all activities of commissioning virtually for an Indian client in the pneumatic sector, even if there were previously programmed on-site. This allows us to deliver the system before estimated times.” A tedious work, rich with satisfaction. Thanks to the Virtual Commissioning service, Automha is today the only company in Italy, and one of few in Europe, to execute Virtual Commissioning tests so elaborate and at advanced automation levels.

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